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EASY CHICKEN SALAD (Healthy Chicken Recipe)

EASY CHICKEN SALAD (Healthy Chicken Recipe)

EASY-CHICKEN-SALAD (Healthy-chicken -Recipe)

This recipe for chicken salad apart from being healthy, dietetic and perfect for those who are on a diet, is a delicious and very nutritious dish that is also easy to make.

And if that were not enough,  it is a dish that uses leftovers from the previous day: in this case the chicken.
You can take the chicken baked or grilled that you had leftover from the previous day to re-season it and turn it into the protagonist of this delicious salad.

EASY-CHICKEN-SALAD (Healthy-chicken -Recipe)

Chicken salad is mandatory in your selection of cooking recipes if you meet some of these two requirements:

You maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
You are looking for new ideas of dishes to prepare with the arrival of heat.
If you were in agreement with the two conditions, well let's not talk. This recipe for chicken salad is for you.

Chicken salad recipe

Now I'm going to explain the basic recipe, and then we'll move on to a couple of fun variations that will serve to inspire you and make you more creative, or at least, to vary this recipe when it becomes a regular part of your diet.

Chicken salad step by step

Learn how to prepare a delicious healthy chicken salad. Easy to do at home.


  • 1 thick fillet of chicken breast cooked preferably grilled
  • 200 grams of fresh lettuce.
  • 12 cherry tomatoes chopped in half.
  • 1/2 red or yellow pepper, or both
  • ½ cup of sliced ​​black olives.
  • Olive oil.
  •  vinegar.


The first thing is to make sure to use very clean lettuce. We are going to separate the leaves and wash them well. Apart from passing each sheet under the water jet, I prefer to dip them also in a container, where I have previously diluted a stream of vinegar in water. You leave them there for a few minutes.

Arrange the lettuce leaves in a salad bowl. Add the black olives cut into casters, the pepper in strips and the halves of cherry tomatoes.

Now it's time to cut the chicken breast into strips, widthwise. The interesting thing about this ingredient is that you can play with the temperature: it can be used hot if the chicken has just been cooked, or cold if it was prepared in advance. You can also season the chicken to taste. Then, we will reserve the pieces for a few minutes.

We return to the mix of the rest of the salad. We are going to add salt and pepper to the taste, add a good squirt of olive oil and another balsamic vinegar.
Now it's time to mix everything with two spoons or salad spoons.
The next thing is to decorate with the pieces of chicken.
To finish the dressing, add the last strand of olive oil over the chicken.

Tips for a perfect chicken salad

If you eat lettuce frequently, you can vary the types you use to prepare this recipe, and even combine them. Another option is to use arugula or spinach leaves. When I do, I prefer to mix them with some type of lettuce.

For me, the simplicity of this recipe is the key to its success, but if you want to get out of the mold and garnish with something more complex than oil and vinegar, you can choose between the options of this list of dressings. I particularly like how this recipe looks with the yogurt dressing.
For this basic recipe, you can also add slices of avocado or cucumber, or add cubes of feta or blue cheese. Any of these options are left to suck your fingers.

Other recipes for chicken salads

Chicken and pasta salad

Chicken and pasta salad

 l add short pasta, lettuce, arugula, onion, pepper, oregano, base dressing, and peanuts. You did not expect that last ingredient, right? Well, it looks great. You can see the full explanation for preparing the chicken salad with pasta.

Chicken salad with rice

Imagine a recipe like chicken salad with pasta, only instead of pasta, you use rice. Well, that could be a very brief summary of this preparation, but in reality, it is not exactly the way to do it. I explain well how to cook it: we need our grilled chicken breast, about 100 grams of white rice (which you can prepare with our recipe of white rice ), half of the cherry tomatoes for the basic recipe, a hard-boiled egg, green pepper, and ¼ onion. Everything is cut into cubes, except for the rice, and all the ingredients are mixed.

For the dressing, mayonnaise, balsamic, salt, pepper and the juice of half a lemon are used. You can garnish with a little yellow corn.
EASY CHICKEN SALAD (Healthy Chicken Recipe)

If you got to this point of reading, I imagine you're a big fan of salads. 

I also have delicious chicken recipes that you can prepare without any difficulty, such as our homemade chicken recipe click here

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