50 Of The Best Cooking Tips And Tricks

50 Of The Best Cooking Tips And Tricks 


Cooking Tips And Tricks : cooking seems simple, but we all know that sometimes recipes can be misleading. Sometimes the preparation of the food becomes a puzzle. The good thing is that there are several cooking tips that will help you overcome difficulties and prepare for cooking. When you are complicated in the kitchen and do not know what to do with any particular food, these cooking tips and secrets will be very helpful.

so I tried to gather all that mini wisdom in these 50+tips and tricks for cooking to be a better cook (if possible) that you probably don’t know about cooking, cleaning and organizing that space in your home.

Some will seem silly advice and others will be obvious to you, but I am sure you will find a few that will seem revealing to you, and with that I am satisfied. Also, I am convinced that you will have many more to contribute in the comments. Ah! And they are not in order of importance, but as they have come to mind.

cooking fever tips and tricks

1. Sharpen your knife 


Because there is nothing more hateful (and dangerous) than trying to cut with a knife without sharpening. So take advantage of a good sharpener or, better yet, have them sharpened by a professional from time to time. You will see how wonderful.

2. Always use extra virgin olive oil

50+ kitchen tips and tricks

Because of the difference in price, you get the oil of a much higher quality, which resists temperatures and the passage of time better, is healthier and, well, it is much more good and tasty. And if it is a new crop, I will not even tell you.

3. Buy quality salt

50+ kitchen tips and tricks

Skimming in salt makes no sense. Even the most expensive of salts has a negligible impact on the cost of a meal, and it does not change a salad, some toast or a piece of meat with salt in quality flakes.

4. Freeze already sliced ​​bread

And so you can defrost the right amount you want and directly in the toaster. There is nothing like a good toast of bread in the morning without having to go down to buy the bread or have to defrost an entire bar.

5. Clear your kitchen bench

Unintentionally, we tend to accumulate things on the countertop. Boats, toasters, microwaves, coffee machines, choppers, blenders … we have so many things in the kitchen that we end up having to peel and cut potatoes in a corner. Clear your kitchen, save everything you do not use daily and you will work much more at ease.

6. Have a (good) pan only for potato tortillas

Unless you like them to stick or directly never prepare tortillas, this is my advice: a good pan only and exclusively for potato tortillas. I would even dare to say not to scrub it, and simply clean it with some paper towels. Saint’s hand.

7. Dress your salads in order

In the case of seasoning, the order of the factors does alter the product

First the salt, then the vinegar and finally the oil. If we start with the oil, this will create a film around the lettuce and prevent salt and vinegar from doing their job well.

8. When making pasta, wait to add salt until the water begins to boil

Saltwater has a higher boiling point and a higher specific heat, so it will take longer and spend more energy to heat it than if we add it when it boils.

9. Store chicken and fish stock in buckets

These small doses are perfect to give a touch of flavor to all types of sauces and creams without having to prepare a broth.

10. When making broth, do more

For making extra broth then you can use it in your other recipe.

So you can save it for future uses, such as the one mentioned in the previous step, or to make rich dishes such as a slow-cooked casserole,  Rice Dressing, brown rice .chicken broth.. and a lot more of rice.

11. When making white rice, whenever

White rice can be stored in the fridge for several days and used to give life to salads, vegetables to the wok, accompany meats and fish …

12. Always have baking paper

For the oven, it is better than aluminum foil in many cases, both for desserts and for salty recipes. It is much more resistant (does not break or tear) and never sticks, perfect for meat, fish, and vegetables.

13. Plant your small urban garden with aromatic herbs

Peppermint, basil, rosemary, parsley, chives … a few pots in a sunny window form an urban garden that guarantees a constant supply of delicious aromatic herbs that will give life to all your dishes.

14. Try adding herbs to the salad

You will be surprised how a simple salad with a little peppermint, chives and fresh basil changes.

15. Don’t forget to put the lid on the pots

You’ll see how fast the water boils compared to not plugging it (and what you save on electricity or gas).

16. Turn off the oven before the end of cooking

And take advantage of the residual heat to finish cooking the food, which is silly to leave an empty hot oven.

17. Let the food temper before storing it in the fridge

Putting hot things in the fridge or freezer can cause the temperature to rise much more than expected, becoming able to defrost nearby foods.

18. If you buy fresh herbs, freeze the ones that are leftover

Aromatic herbs can be frozen without losing their properties. Preferably already chopped and vacuum or wrapped. So it will be taken out and start using.

19. Save the fat from roasting the chicken

Yes, the one that stays in the oven tray unless there is a lot of bread on the table. It is perfect to caramelize onions, saute vegetables or give a juicy touch to the breasts. The same applies to the fat released by the bacon.

20. Change the wipes and scourers regularly

Even if you clean them well, they are a microscopic nest of life, so if you want a clean kitchen, use clean cloths.

21. Do not miss the light in your kitchen

Darkness and candlelight for romantics, in the kitchen it is important to see what we are doing. Often the light on the ceiling is not enough, so it is a good idea to add strips of LEDs under the cabinets to add light and not make us shadow with the body.

22. If your pan sticks, change it

This pan is to change

When a nonstick skillet begins to stick and becomes an adherent pan, it is time to change it, or it will make you end up giving up certain types of preparation and abusing the oil to prevent food from sticking.

23. Use a pan of the right size

Filling a pan too much causes the food to cook instead of sautéing, going from being crispy and tender to being soft and tasteless.

24. Try adding sugar to vegetables

Onion is a classic case to add sugar, but also try carrots, tomatoes or any other vegetable that has a sweet touch.

25. Get a kitchen thermometer

This way you will know when the meat has reached the right temperature or the broth is ready to serve. They are worth four dollars ( there are for 10 or 20 euros ) and you will feel like a professional.

26. That measuring spoons are not lacking

Because so surely we do not fail to put a spoonful of anything. Preferably they are metallic, which have less tendency for flavors to remain and are more durable.

27. An essential cooking weight

Especially for desserts, but a cooking weight is also very practical for all kinds of preparations, such as pasta or rice. Measuring in weight is much more accurate than in volume.

28. You never have enough spices …

Although you have to be careful because they lose flavor over time, a good range of spices at home will help us to give a special touch to any dish, even some lentils.

29. … nor enough sauces

Especially if we want to explore other cuisines: soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, barbecue sauce, oyster sauce …

30. There are more vinegar than Modena

A different vinegar does well for each salad, and besides the white and the manic vinegar of Modena there are many more: orange, strawberry, raspberry, red wine, Jeréz … do not forget to try all you find.

31. Experiment with monovarietal oils

An oil changes a lot depending on the type of olive and we must know which one to use in each case because it is not the same as fry as dressing a salad or putting it in a toast.

32. Don’t stop trying new things

Because although the traditions are very good and I think it is important to respect them, try new recipes or invent some of them is one of the funniest things in the kitchen, so do not stop doing it.

33. And don’t be afraid to make a mistake

I don’t publish the things that go wrong, but I would give to keep another blog just about culinary disasters. Because not everything always comes first, especially when you try, so do n’t be afraid to make a mistake, which is inevitable in the kitchen. And if someone at the table complains, you give him the apron and prepare to laugh.

34. Replace applesauce with sugar

If you are trying not to eat sugar, cook with applesauce instead of sugar and your desserts will be just as delicious.

35. Make Italian squash noodles

A good idea not to eat pasta every day, and it can be combined with delicious sauces.

36. How to remove the eggshell pieces from your dishes 

If you drop a little shell in the bowl use the larger shell and take it out with that.

37. Keep the green leaves fresh

Wash and dry the green leaves well and put them in a plastic bag. Blow it up and seal it well. It will last longer fresh!

38. Learn to prepare yogurt ice cream

Put ice cream sticks in the yogurt and put it in the freezer. A healthy way to eat ice cream that your children will love!

39. Preserve herbs

Put your herbs in an ice bucket with olive oil. Just put them in the freezer and they will be in perfect condition for when you need to use them.

40. How to know if an egg is fresh

Put the egg in a glass of normal water. If it sinks, it is fresh. If it floats, don’t eat it!

41. Cut soft foods with dental floss

Use dental speech to cut soft foods more accurately. Cheese, cakes, and pasta are some of the options.

42. Store the pancake mix in a dressing bowl

Put your pancake mix in a container of some dressing. You will have it fresh for longer and you can cook in a more practical way.

43. Frozen grapes to keep the wine cold

Freeze white grapes and put them in your white wine to keep it frozen. And red grapes for red wine.

44. Peel the ginger with a spoon

Use a spoon to peel the ginger because it is easier. You can also do it with a kiwi.

45. Prevents boiling water from splashing with a wooden spoon

Put a wooden spoon on top of the pot so that when it starts to boil don’t leave a mess.

46. Cook the taco masses so they are crispy.

If you want your taco masses to be crispy and you don’t have a special machine, put them on your oven rack that way.

47. Get more juice from lemons

Before splitting the lemons, roll them with your hand on a table to give them pressure and be more juicy.

48. Butter ready instantly

If you need to soften the butter more easily, you can grate it before and it is not necessary to put it in the microwave.

49. Clear ice

To make clear ice you have to make them with boiled water. And the truth is that they are pretty, right?

50. Keep your brown sugar soft

Put some marshmallows in your brown sugar bowl to keep it soft. Do not forget to close the container well and it will not be affected by moisture.

51. An easy way to get strawberry leaves

You can use a bulb to take out the leaves. Just insert it in the middle and they will come out.

52. How to cut corn in a practical way

Put your corn inside one of these molds and so it will be easier to cut it and that all the corn is left in a bowl.

What did you think?

50 Of The Best Cooking Tips And Tricks 

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