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Tiramisu dessert | Delicious and Creative Desserts Recipes.

Tiramisu Dessert -The tiramisu is one of my favorites dessert. Prepare the tiramisu dessert recipe , to surprise everyone with its sweetness.Here you can learn, How to make homemade tiramisu and easy Italian recipe of authentic tiramisu, the most famous dessert of Italy in your home Step by step…

Tiramisu dessert

Tiramisu dessert | Delicious and Creative Desserts Recipes.




Ingredients for Tiramisu. Italian Recipe


  • 400 g of cream cheese


  • 6 eggs (of which we use 6 yolks for the sabayon and 4 egg whites to assemble)


  • 150 g icing sugar (100 g. for yolks and 50 g. for white)


  • 300 g of sponge cake


  • 4 tablespoons Amaretto or the liqueur we like


  • 100 g cocoa powder


  • 175 g of strong coffee (the one we like the most)


  • 1 pinch of salt to mount the egg whites



Tiramisu Recipe




Tiramisu Recipe

First, let’s separate the whites from the yolks of eggs.

To do this, my trick is to use a small, clean plastic bottle of water, half a liter.

I shell the egg in a bowl, squeeze the bottle and place the nozzle on the yolk.

I slowly release it so that the bottle sucks the yolk slowly, and once it has absorbed the yolk, the white will detach itself, thus one by one.

It is more hygienic than the technique of passing eggshell to the shell (the process by which the egg can become contaminated with shell bacteria) and we do not need any specific tools.

In a separate container, I deposit the yolks and I already have them separated.
Now, in the bowl where we have the yolks, we add 60g of sugar and beat with some bitter (either electric or manual) until it is well integrated and creamy.

 At this point, we will add the mascarpone and mix everything well.
On the other hand, we are going to mount the egg whites to the point of snow using an electric mixer or spoon (you can try to assemble them by hand, but arm yourself with patience, because it is quite difficult and tiresome).

When they start riding, we will be adding the other 60g of sugar little by little, like rain, while we continue beating.

We will know that they are perfectly assembled when they are hard and when they turn around the container, they do not fall (try little by little, it will not be that we have it).
When they are mounted, we will gradually add the egg whites to the yolk mixture, with careful movements from the bottom up, so as not to disassemble the egg whites.

It requires a little patience, but it is important to be delicate at this point because this is where we will get the perfect tiramisu cream texture.
Before telling you how to ride the tiramisu, I’m going to tell you about the cakes. There are opinions for all tastes, so I’m going to tell you about mine from experience. You will see in many recipes that the cake to make tiramisu is those of biscuits. This is correct, but the problem is that when you go to buy them, they label you as another sponge cake, more soft and fatty biscuits. Personally, I think it is a mistake to use these seconds, because they are very soft biscuits, that shortly after we moisten them they will fall apart, ruining all the work of the cream (here was one of my great frustrations when trying to make tiramisu before knowing this one recipe). 
That said, we go with the tiramisu assembly. We prepare the coffee (which can be soluble, but much better if it is freshly made espresso) and add the 2 tablespoons of sugar. If you are not sure how much coffee each biscuit will absorb, take one and do a test, but do not be afraid because they allow enough coffee.
The process is as follows: we are going to place the wet biscuits side by side, all in the same direction, to cover the base of a preferably rectangular and large container (a good amount of tiramisu comes out ). Then, we cover the biscuits with a good layer of cream and finally sprinkle with cocoa powder the surface until it is completely covered and the white base is not seen, with the help of a sieve or with a strainer.
We will repeat the process as many times as the container and the amount of cream and biscuits allow. If we have leftover ingredients, we can use them to make individual cups, which are also beautiful. After mounting it, we must let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour, although I already tell you that the longer we leave it, the better.

If you like it harder, you can put the last 20 minutes in the freezer, although it is good in any way. It is a really easy recipe to make, you just have to pay attention not to lower the cream and to moisten the biscuits well, and the rest comes out only. You can add to the coffee a splash of some liquor like amaretto, although I prefer that it tastes only to coffee, and the more concentrated the better. Enjoy it!

Tiramisu dessert | Delicious and Creative Desserts Recipes.



Tiramisu dessert | Delicious and Creative Desserts Recipes.













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